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Press Release

Company Profile for POZEN Inc.

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--POZEN (NASDAQ: POZN) is a pharmaceutical company committed to developing therapeutic advancements for diseases with unmet medical needs where it can improve efficacy, safety, and/or patient convenience. Since its inception, POZEN has focused its efforts primarily on the development of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, migraine, and other pain-related conditions. POZEN has a development and commercialization alliance with GlaxoSmithKline.

   Company:                POZEN Inc.

   Headquarters Address:   1414 Raleigh Rd.
                           Suite 400
                           Chapel Hill, NC 27517

   Main Telephone:         919-913-1030

   Website:                www.pozen.com

   Ticker:                 POZN(NASDAQ)

   Type of Organization:   Public

   Industry:               Health: Biotechnology

   Key Executives:         CEO: John R. Plachetka
                           CFO: William L. Hodges

   Investor Relations
     Contact:              Fran Barsky
     Phone:                919-913-1030
     Email:                fbarsky@pozen.com